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Karen L. Schogel, MD, FACP
06/16/2017 20:29
SFFM is celebrating our Sweet Sixteen this June. We are so thankful to every family that has allowed us to care for them.
Please thank every member of our team the next time you're in the office.
We look forward to many more years serving Cranberry, Mars and the surrounding area.
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Karen L. Schogel, MD, FACP
09/23/2015 18:39
Ragweed, Goldenrod. . . love it or hate it, it's here in full bloom. Is it making you cough and sneeze? Are you allergic as I am? Schedule time at SFFM to discuss seasonal allergies now so we can help you feel better and enjoy the season.
Karen L. Schogel, MD, FACP
08/19/2015 14:32
It's back to school time. Moms and Dads once your kids have moved into college dorms, or headed out to you local school, its a great time for you to get your Annual check up. Call us or request an appointment via our patient portal. We are looking forward to seeing you.
Karen L. Schogel, MD, FACP
06/13/2015 14:25
Summer time can be busy with vacations, Graduation parties, Block parties. But it's also a great time to get your yearly Preventive Visit scheduled, update your Immunizations and schedule your recommended screening tests. Request an appointment anytime using our Patient Portal or call the office Mon-Friday. We are looking forward to seeing you.
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Karen L. Schogel, MD, FACP
04/29/2015 12:05
Tics, mosquitos, sunburns, poison ivy, and pollen in the air. Spring is beautiful in Western PA, but it can bring its share of minor calamities. Be careful out there. Protect yourself and your family. And remember, SFFM is open most days at 7 AM if you need a little help dealing with these nuisances of the season.
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